Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Seriously.... I am officially the laziest person in the world when it comes to this blog. We are now and will always be a family of 5. we had a new addition over a year ago. That is how backed up I am on posts. Porter joined our little family on October the 27th 2011. He is the last of the little men in our family and is a perfect fit. I love my boys sooo much. Quentin is finishing out Kindergarten this year, and Camden will be joining him on the bus next year. As of right now I am finishing up my first year back in College. I am loving it. Also, I took on a job with Stephen. We now both work as NOC engineers for Guitar Center. Let me tell you, it is nice having the extra cash. Summer is on its way in and we have a family trip to California with my family in June. With that being said Stephen and I are officially busting our rears trying to get back into Swimsuit shape. I refuse to look like poop in a bikini! I am doing the insanity work outs and I just have to say... Holy Crap. They are awesome but I hate them sooooo much. Stephen got a new car, his love, a 2012 Yellow Challenger. And OMG it is beautiful. They boys are going into sports again this summer this time they are starting with Basketball which begins April 4th. Then two sessions of swimming lessons, followed by T-ball. I cant wait, I think I am more excited then they are. My pretty puppy Bear popped out 10 puppies... She is getting fixed asap. I do not want to have puppies again, it is a pain. You know, putting all of this down on paper is making me realize how busy my life is... We also had new additions to the families. Aubree and Robert welcomed a new baby girl two days before we welcomed Porter. Catharina is a doll. Also, My sister Mallory had a little girl also, she is coming up on her year 1 mark pretty quick, her name is Berkely and she has the fattest cheeks and thighs ever. I love her! And most recently was Heidi and James. They welcomed a new little boy just under a month ago. I have only been able to meet him once, he is handsome. Oh, and I almost forgot. Zac and Cassie had their first, a little girl right around 3 months ago. They have officially entered the parenting world. And I just found out some super exciting news last week. My Sister Mallory is expecting again! Yay for babies! We no longer live in Phoenix, we are buying Preston and Stacey's old house off of them. One thing is for sure, it has way more room than the condo. I am trying to think if I have forgotten anything. I am loving my life right now, even though it is hectic and full I wouldn't change a thing. Stephen and I are still 100% in love I have 3 beautiful boys, two super sweet dogs, around a million fish, and two toads. I am a full time mother, worker, and student. I wouldn't want my life to be any other way.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wow Im Lazy!

It seems like I just can't seem to keep up with Blogging anymore. And yet there really is no excuse! We just celebrated the 4th of July with my family and Stephen's Best friend Adam and his adorable kids Logan and Janae! We swam at my parents house had Pizza and the drove over to the Tempe Towne Lake firework show! It would have been a perfect day if it hadnt been for those annoying mosquitos at the lake that were infesting any person who got near the water! I cant believe it but i had my camera on me the entire time and did not take even one picture! Anyways, along with the rest of my update! We are officially having a new baby Boy! We havent really decided on a name so I will have to keep you posted! We are soooooo Excited! Quentins 5th Birthday is coming up... Cant belive my lil baby is 5 already! And later this month James, Stephens brother is graduating from college! Congrats to him! As for us right now, continueing home renovations and living life is on the main agenda! Have to have the house complete before the Baby is born! Hopefully i can get and put some updated photos on here! I guess that is it for right now. TTFN!!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Update in a Hurry!!!!

I finally put all of the pictures from my camera onto my computer so here is the main update! We got our new Baby Hades, eight months ago! He is such a good fit in with the family and the boys LOVE him!

Here is a Pic of him, a little less than a month ago! Right now he is 8 Months old and about 95lbs... He is HUGE!!!!!

This is a Pic of me and Stephen at his work Christmas Party... It was A BLAST!!!! I had so much fun!!!

This is a Pic of Q and Camo on Christmas Eve... They got a Kinect from Great Grandpa Don and Great Grandma Janet!!!! They LOVE IT!!!! You have NO idea, they are obsessed!

A pretty cute Pic of me and my Sistas!!!! I think this is the only picture where i am photographed taller than them!!!! They are wearing flats and I am wearing six inch heels!

My Super Cute mom and Dad!!! LOVE THEM!

The boys got every single thing that they asked Santa for! It was a Great Christmas!

They got to see almost all of their cousins, We missed Braven, Chad, and Logan!

And Stephen was able to spend a Few days with Preston and James! We usually dont get to see them and Heidi and Stacey... So it really made this Christmas that much better!

All in all this year has been amazing! We would like to thank everyone that helped to make it just that much more special. We love all of our family and friends!!! Happy Holidays!

Monday, July 26, 2010


Quentin was playing games with his Uncle Jim. He was so excited. He was talking to him and and actually shooting the guns and flying the airplanes. He is really good at video games, for a 4 year old. Thanks Jim. He had a blast. He wouldnt even look at me or stephen when we asked him a question, he was so enthralled in it!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Thanks To Everyone who came and joined in the celebration of Quentins 4th Birthday Party. It was Really a blast. Quentin loved playing with all of his friends, and loved all of the wonderful gifts! Thanks.

You can tell he loved the Cupcakes!

Quentin was showing a lil crack here!

My Two Best Friends! Love them!

A big Thanks to my mom and dad for allowing us to throw the party at their Home. Thanks Again!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Just Another Update...

So Quentins Birthday is On Sunday the 25th! He is going to be a big number 4. I am so excited... Its amazing how fast he is growing... Time is just Flying by! I was just looking through some of his baby pictures this morning, and it made me think "where did the time go" it seems like just yesterday i had him bundled up in his little blue blanket getting in the car from the hospital. Scared to death wondering what the heck do I do with this lil baby. And now he can talk, walk, run, read (some stuff), count, and help out around the house. Its crazy knowing that when he turns 16 or 21 that I will be sitting here saying the same stuff i am saying now. I just hope that I can be the Mother that he needs me to be so that when the day comes that he moves out or gets married that he is prepared because it just seems like time is in Fast-forward. I hope I will be able to slow it all down so it wont feel like tomorrow when that time does come. Hmmm. Pictures will be posted the day after his birthday party for all to see.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

New House Pics!!!!

THese arent the best quality of pics... i took them on my phone!!! But hey they are an update!!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mallorys Wedding Pics


Playin Catch-up

Wow it has seriously been forever since i have updayed the blog. Since the last pics went up. My sister Mallory has gotten married to an awesome guy named Weston. they are perfect for eachother. Stephen has an awesome job that he loves. And we just found out today that he is getting promoted. He will now be team-lead at the NOC, at ValorIt. Yeah!!!!!!! He is now supervising all of the other NOC engineers where he is at. Stephen threw me an Awesome suprise birthday party over the weekend. even though my b-day is on the 30th. And we are currently house hunting. And I finally got my CNA certification. Things are going great!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

ChrIstMas EvE

As with tradition we spent Christmas Eve over at my Grandpa Don's House. Mallory was totally embarrased because she got Lingere in front of all of our extended family!!!! Q and Camo got big Monster trucks that go and make TONS of noise and Light up... great... But they loved them!!! They also got new Warm winter jackets!!! It was soo much fun seeing the whole family again!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Family Night!!!

So on Monday my dad took us all out to McDonalds for din din and then we all went out to go and see the Temple Lights, They were beautiful this year, and The kids had a Hay Day!!!

Christmas Trees~

I had to put a Pic of my Moms christmas tree on here!! She has the best decorating sense that i have ever seen... I love it!!!

Gingerbread Time!

So this year the boys made two Gingerbread houses!! They Love doing it with their grandparents. It is soooo funny to watch with camo it is eat a peice put a piece on the house, and with Q it is eat five peices for every one that goes on the house. It turned out pretty cute too!!!